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House Update: New Video!

By Brian | July 30, 2008 | Share on Facebook

Exciting news:  our house renovation project, originally scheduled to end in the mid-October to mid-November time frame, looks like it has a shot at ending by the end of September!  Heck, even mid-October would be awesome.  When our contractor gave us the schedule for a 4-5 month job, we automatically assumed 6 months or more (there are always delays, cost overruns, etc., right?)  Well, these guys are right on top of things and the weather’s been cooperating, so yay us.  Also, big kudos to Sherry, who has been right on top of the contractors, as well as the hundreds of decisions we’ve needed to make quickly to keep the project moving so well.  She’s done such a great job, she deserves a gift.  How about a new house?  Good idea…

Anyway, every time I visit the house, I wish I could take our friends & family through it for a tour, but alas, some people live far away and we’re busy just about every weekend with the above-mentioned decision making.  So instead, I’ve recorded a “virtual tour,” available by clicking in the Featured Video section on the left of this page.

Two things to note:

First, it’s almost a half hour long, so only click if you’ve got some time to spend!  If you want to browse around the house at your leisure, I’d recommend the photo slide show, which was started when the project started, and is updated every couple of days with new photos and commentary (click on the “i” in the middle of the screen to see the captions).

Second thing to note:  YouTube has a 10 minute limit on videos, so I had to break it out into 3 parts.  The Featured Video section on the left has three links under the picture (or, if you wish, here they are: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3).

So feel free to peruse the pictures and videos and leave your comments here.  We’ll keep you all updated as things progress (next up: sheet rock!) and, of course, when we actually move in.


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