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Pictures from Billy Joel’s Shea Stadium Concert

By Brian | July 19, 2008 | Share on Facebook

I’ve posted a series of pictures that I took during Billy Joel’s “Last Play at Shea” on July 16, 2008. Click the picture to the left to see them (or check out my “Featured Photos” in the left-hand margin!)

Also, for those who haven’t heard yet, the guest stars in the second show (July 18, 2008 – the true“Last Play at Shea” were somewhat different than the show I saw. Tony Bennett reprised his appearance, but John Mayer, Don Henley and John Mellencamp were replaced by Steven Tyler (“Walk This Way”), Roger Daltry (“My Generation”) and the Sir Paul McCartney (“I Saw Her Standing There” and “Let it Be”).

From what I’ve read, the Who song was punctuated by Billy Joel smashing a guitar on stage – a nice throwback to that signature move by The Who. But it was the McCartney appearance that really tells a story: The Beatles were the first rock show to perform at Shea Stadium, and in doing so, they changed the face of American Rock & Roll forever. It was more than fitting that Sir Paul came out to sing in this, the stadium’s last rock show. Even more fitting was the way in which Billy Joel gave up his stage (and his piano) after the vaulted Piano Man, and allowed Sir Paul to close out the stadium with the classic Let It Be.

Billy Joel has always had a lot of class. That finale not only showed his class, but also his deep respect for the history of that great institution that is Rock & Roll.

Bravo, Billy! Bravo, Sir Paul!

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One Response to “Pictures from Billy Joel’s Shea Stadium Concert”

  1. jason says at July 20th, 2008 at 2:15 am :
    Awesome… and as you say, very classy. Wish I’d been there…

    Although i just saw The Police tonight, so I suppose that’s some consolation… :)


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