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Quarters for Laundry? Thing of the Past…

By Brian | September 8, 2008 | Share on Facebook

The University of Pennsylvania has signed a deal with a laundry equipment manufacturer that will allow them to put laundry machines in their College House dorms and offer them free to students for two years.  After that, school officials say, they will work out a “general laundry use fee.”  Details are not decided yet, but the general idea would be that you pay for your laundry on your regular tuition bill, rather than shelling out quarters every time you need to run a machine.

First the slot machines, now this…

To be expected, I guess.  But here’s the part the geek in me found most fascinating:

Housing Services is also installing a “Laundry Alert System” by the end of October, [Penn spokeswoman Barbara] Lea-Kruger wrote. The system will allow residents to choose a laundry room based on availability of machines and will send out an alert when the laundry is completed.

I can see it now:  ”Hold on, Mom – I’ve got another call.  <Click> <Pause> <Click> That was the laundry machine – my whites are done.  I’ll call you later…”


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One Response to “Quarters for Laundry? Thing of the Past…”

  1. jason says at September 9th, 2008 at 2:23 am :
    Hm. You know, you’d think that I’d be prepared for this sort of thing, given how much science fiction I used to watch and read, but now that the future is actually here… well, it weirds me out a little bit…


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