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IE7 Suddenly Disabling Add-ons?

By Brian | November 20, 2008 | Share on Facebook

Yesterday, for no apparent reason, Internet Explorer 7 decided it didn’t like add-ins anymore. The yellow message bar that sometimes appears below the URL said this:

Internet Explorer is currently running with Add-Ins disabled

Typically, when something like this occurs, you can right click on the message and choose “Enable Add-Ins” or even “Permanently enable add-ins and leave me alone already.” This time, though, the only right-click options were to help pages that described what Add-Ins were, and what the yellow message bar was. Not particularly helpful.

I Googled around for answers, and found several other folks with the problem. Proposed solutions involved making sure you weren’t intentionally running without Add-Ins (an option if you right-click from the desktop), going to Tools–>Internet Options–>Programs–>Manage Add-Ins and enabling them (all of mine were enabled, as was the case with many reporting the problem), and even going somewhere in the Windows Control Panel and resetting all of Internet Explorer’s settings to the factory standards.

None of these were particularly appetizing, but then I noticed something: whenever the Add-Ins message appeared, the Google Toolbar did not appear. The Manage Add-Ins dialog told me that the toolbar was enabled, but it still seemed to be missing whenever the error appeared.

So, I reinstalled it. The Add-Ins message went away as quickly as it arrived.

Bottom line: I don’t know what was causing this weird scenario, but it’s gone now. If you have the same problem and you’re a Google Toolbar user, try re-installing the toolbar and see if it helps you out.

If not, well, please remember what you paid for this free advice.

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