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No good (environmental) deed goes unpunished…

By Brian | May 28, 2009 | Share on Facebook

Here’s one for folks who, like me, are old enough to remember the Al Gore-like campaign to save the bald eagle:

PORTLAND, Maine — Bald eagles, bouncing back after years of decline, are swaggering forth with an appetite for great cormorant chicks that threatens to wipe out that bird population in the United States.

With more eagles around and fewer fish in the waters than in the past, young eagles are turning to other birds to satisfy their hunger. Eagles are opportunistic feeders and will go after the easiest prey they can find, bird experts say.

To quote the great Steve Urkel, “Did I do that?!?” Seems saving one species of bird is on it’s way to wiping out another. “But wait,” says John Q. Strawman, “why are there fewer fish in the water? Surely that’s due to some gross environmental injustice that we should dedicate our lives to righting! Someone alert Greenpeace!”


A growing number of killer whales caused a chain of ecological events that reduced the number of otters and amount of kelp providing habitat for fish, Robert Anthony reported in the journal Ecology. With fewer fish and baby otters to eat, eagles began raiding nests of other birds.

Save the Whales, anyone?

Funny thing about the food chain: it’s like pressing on a closed toothpaste tube. Flatten one spot, and something else pops up.

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