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Summing up the Fourth…

By Brian | July 5, 2009 | Share on Facebook

I hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth of July.  My family and I spent a wonderful day out & about with friends, and then came home and watched three great fireworks shows in High Definition & Surround Sound.  A quick review:

Anyway, I hope your Fourth was a much fun as mine. I leave you with a video from the JibJab boys, in which various Presidents of the United States come together to sing(?) our National Anthem. Enjoy…

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Topics: Random Acts of Blogging | 3 Comments »

3 Responses to “Summing up the Fourth…”

  1. Barry Manilow | All Days Long says at July 5th, 2009 at 9:41 am :
    [...] FamilyGreenberg.Com – Summing up the Fourth… By Brian Washington, DC: Best pre-fireworks show by far – Aretha Franklin (who looked like she was battling a cold), Barry Manilow (who looks more like 46 than his actual 66 years of age), the Sesame Street Muppets (the gang is 40 this year … FamilyGreenberg.Com – http://www.familygreenberg.com/index2.php/ [...]

  2. Jeff Porten says at July 5th, 2009 at 12:25 pm :
    You learn something new every day… for years I had heard (and believed) that the Mall show was the biggest in the country, occasionally topped by Vegas. Repeated the same to Adam last night.

    Macy’s? Beats out the National Park Service? Hell, perhaps they’d like to take care of Iraq and the bailout too?

    PS — that previous comment looks to me like linkback spam, recommended you delete.

  3. Brian says at July 5th, 2009 at 1:12 pm :
    Just another example of private industry doing more than the government. ;-)

    As for the previous comment, it’s an aggregation site to be sure, but it’s driving a few actual hits to my site, so I’m not complaining. ;-)


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