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Surfing the Video Web

By Brian | September 30, 2009 | Share on Facebook

A whole slate of cool/funny/interesting videos made their way in front of my eyeballs today, so I thought I’d share:

First up, President Obama’s Amazingly Consistent Smile (Hat Tip: Scalzi)

Barack Obama’s amazingly consistent smile from Eric Spiegelman on Vimeo.

Next up, Christopher Reeve’s first appearance on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show, promoting Superman: The Movie (Hat Tip: Bennion)

Next, Hugh Jackman on the Broadway Stage when a cellphone interrupts his performance (Hat Tip: E! Online)

[Editor's Note: I've long held the unpopular opinion that receiving a cellphone call during a performance is not inherently evil. The phone should be on vibrate to avoid what happened here, but people sometimes get equally pissed when a person answers the (silent) phone - even if he/she quietly tells the caller to hold and then walks out of the theater. This is caused by two potentially inaccurate assumptions: first, that the ringing phone is the fault of the callee, not the caller, and second, that the subject of the call is, by default, less important than the brief interruption they had to endure while the person quietly excused himself/herself. Next time you see someone do it, consider that the caller might be a doctor in an emergency room, or a babysitter reporting a problem with the person's child, etc.. OK, off my soapbox]

And finally, CNET’s Mailbag video, added here for its “Auto Incorrect” segment (Tip for everyone: don’t use your iPhone to text your boyfriend/girlfriend that you’re the “King of Sudoku”):

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