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The Pizza Challenge Heats Up!

By Brian | July 25, 2006 | Share on Facebook

This little pizza challenge is starting to take on a life of its own. Rather than try to describe it, here’s the latest e-mail from chenopup:


The latest…

I met with Dave [the owner of Este pizza] today. He’s very excited and is in fact brainstorming with his cooks at this time to figure out the best way to prepare the pie for shipping. He’s wanting to go up against the best there is in New York so this should be a blast.

I am meeting with him again tomorrow after he’s had some time to plan it out. I’m going to look at arranging a videographer there in NY to come shoot the final taste test if that is okay with you. If I can get the right price on a ticket, I’ll even fly out myself. I was supposed to be in New York the last week of August anyway, I may have to try to pick up that gig again :)

I pitched it to my local ABC affiliate here and they love it and want to do a segment for their morning show. The program director will also look into contact Regis and Kelly as well since they’re ABC as well.

So things in the works at this point…

- Este is a go.

-Dave wants to go up against the best NY has to offer. (He’s from NY) :)

- We need to decide on a type of pie and the best way to send it / comparable pie to be cooked with it in one of the top locations in Rockefeller area.

- Blind taste test with local NY’ers as to which is the better pie.

- Sit back and wait for all the news stories to roll in… see what you started?


OK, so first of all – cooks? Plural? How many cooks does it take to make a NY style pizza? Each guy in Manhattan makes a few at a time during the lunch rush. I’m starting to wonder just how serious these Utah folks are about their pizza.

Second, Regis? Seriously? The only downside, of course, would be eating pizza for breakfast. The things we endure for our adoring public…

UPDATE: The next installment is available here.

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One Response to “The Pizza Challenge Heats Up!”

  1. jason says at July 26th, 2006 at 12:13 pm :
    Hey, Brian, just got back from my vacation and am catching up on the Pizza Challenge. Wow, this has really gone farther than I imagined…

    One thing you may want to consider: The Girlfriend says, and I quote, “I think there should be a caveat put in that the New York pizza has to be made on the same day as the Utah pie and packed in dry ice or whatever the Utah one is put in and then have to sit on the counter until the Utah one arrives. You can’t get a true taste test if one is freshly made and one has been in a box for at least 24 hours.”


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