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Did POP3 suddenly stop working on your Yahoo mail account?

By Brian | August 17, 2008 | Share on Facebook

Consider this part public service announcement, part documentation for myself in case I need to refer back to it later:

Yahoo recently changed the way they handle mail for their GeoCities Pro customers (and possibly for others, as well.  I’m a GeoCities Pro customer, so that’s all I know).  At any rate, it used to be that if someone sent mail to your Yahoo-hosted custom domain e-mail address (brian@familygreenberg.com, in my case), all it really did was redirect it to your Yahoo e-mail account (xyzxyz@yahoo.com), where it would be available for viewing or downloading (via POP3) to your Outlook client (or whatever mail program you’re using).

Over the last week or two, Yahoo has rolled out a change to this strategy to make the custom domain address function as it’s own account on Yahoo.  So now, you suddenly have two mailboxes (one for xyzxyz@yahoo.com and one for your custom domain’s e-mail address).  The e-mails they’ve sent to their customers about it have correctly stated that nothing really changes about how you access your mail after this change (you can still go to http://mail.yahoo.com to read your mail, but now there’s a dropdown at the top of the screen where you can select the two different addresses, and see the mail sent to the yahoo address separately from the mail sent to the custom address.  (Truth be told, you can also now go to http://mail.customdomainname.com for your mail too, but you don’t have to do that, so it doesn’t really change anything for most people).

For POP3 users, though, this is actually a pretty big change.  If you’re like me (and it’s very likely you are, since this is the recommended way to set things up), your local mail client (e.g., Outlook) is setup to download incoming mail from your Yahoo account, but your custom domain address is the one you tell all your friends, family, and business associates about.  So, very little (non-spam) mail is actually sent to your Yahoo account, and most of it is (or was…) automatically forwarded there by Yahoo for download to Outlook via POP3.  With the change, you now have to reset your POP3 mail settings to download mail from your custom domain e-mail account if you want to continue downloading mail sent to your custom domain e-mail address.

All of the above too technical for you?  Let me boil it down this way:  if you use Yahoo for web hosting, and Outlook was downloading your mail correctly before, but isn’t now, make the following changes and everything will work (unless you’ve got another problem, of course…).

Here are the changes:

Setting Old Value New Value
Incoming Mail Server (POP3): pop.mail.yahoo.com pop.bizmail.yahoo.com
Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP): smtp.mail.yahoo.com smtp.bizmail.yahoo.com
User Name: your Yahoo user id (without the “@yahoo.com” suffix) your custom domain’s e-mail address (e.g., brian@familygreenberg.com)
Incoming Server (POP3) Port: 995 995
Outgoing Server (SMTP) Port: 465 465
SMTP Port requires authentication?: Yes Yes

One important caveat:  If you do distribute your Yahoo e-mail address to anyone, and you want to receive those e-mails in Outlook as well, I believe your best bet is to setup two Outlook profiles (one with the “Old Value” values above and one with the “New Value” values), and have them both download e-mail to the same Outlook mail file.  This will work, but you still have to login to Outlook under each profile periodically to get all your mail.

Any questions? Suggestions on improved strategies?  Drop a note in the comments so everyone can share.  If I can help out, I’ll certainly chime in.

Good luck!

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2 Responses to “Did POP3 suddenly stop working on your Yahoo mail account?”

  1. Jeff Porten says at August 17th, 2008 at 2:42 pm :
    Your faith in your spam filter, as evidenced by publication of your unobfuscated email address, is both noble and touching.

  2. Brian says at August 18th, 2008 at 11:04 am :
    My e-mail address is already all over the site – I gave up that ghost a long time ago. Probably a stupid decision, but it’s too late now…


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