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Today’s Trivia Question…

By Brian | August 17, 2008 | Share on Facebook

I’m not sure why this popped into my head all of the sudden.  But it did, so here it is:

We know for a fact that at 51-57, rue de Courcelles, Paris, France, there is a hotel owned by the Hilton company.  We also know for a fact that Paris is a very popular tourist destination, and quite the romantic one at that.  And so, it stands to reason that many young couples travel to Paris each year, perhaps even on their honeymoons, and that some number of them stay at the Hilton at 51-57, rue de Courcelles.  It also stands to reason that for many of these couples, the man has been intimate with his wife/girlfriend/date/etc. while staying in the hotel.

And so, with all of this logic clearly behind us, I get to ask the perfectly reasonable question that will send my Google search results through the roof:

How many men have had sex in the Paris Hilton?

Like I said, no idea why this suddenly occurred to me, but there you have it…


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One Response to “Today’s Trivia Question…”

  1. Jeff Porten says at August 17th, 2008 at 3:06 pm :
    First, I’m relieved that I’m not the only one who finds myself wondering about statistics like this one. Questions such as these rank up there with “how many people have lost their virginity in this dormitory”, and “how many calories are served in a single day in this casino buffet?” I’m fairly sure that all three questions require trancendental numbers to answer.

    There are five different opportunities to sleep in a Paris Hilton, and the one you cite is the Hilton Arc de Triomphe Paris rather than the eponymous Hilton Paris — but I’ll stick with the one you mentioned.

    A little Google spade work does not reveal the number of rooms or the build date of the AdT Hilton, which I think are the main variables; after that you then assign three percentages: turnover (so as to divide the number of overnight stays to get the total number of people accommodated), gender balance (as your question excludes the women, perhaps unfairly), and finally the subset of men who have slept in Paris Hilton without having sex.

    Unfortunately, that last number is remarkably hard to compile, as a true enumeration would require surveying techniques that would most likely get you thrown out of Paris Hilton.

    Your inquiry raises other fascinating questions, though:

    1) Rates to stay with Paris Hilton tonight range from $475 to $1200, so how much money, on average, do men spend to have the opportunity to have sex in Paris Hilton?

    2) How many men make an extra effort to have sex in Paris Hilton, just so that they can later say they did?

    3) Paris Hilton has 18 meeting rooms hosting up to 800 people, so what is the largest number of men that have been in Paris Hilton on a single day?

    4) Finally, since a fraction of the Hilton family fortune is generated from the revenues of Paris Hilton, how much money has Paris Hilton personally made from men having sex in Paris Hilton? Given the number of Hiltons worldwide and the small fraction that accrues to the family and to Paris herself, I’m guessing this is only a few thousand dollars, which would seemingly make this one of the true bargains of the 21st century.


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