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Este Pizza is Back!

By Brian | February 28, 2008 | Share on Facebook

Those with insanely good memories will remember back in July of 2007, when I learned of the fire at Este Pizza by analyzing my web server logs. Este Pizza, of course, is the Salt Lake City pizzeria that was the source of the not-yet-executed-but-still-hoping-it-happens-one-day Great Simple Tricks Pizza Challenge, in which Chenopup (and Este’s owner, Dave) attempt to defend their claim that Este Pizza makes a pizza that “rivals or excels over the best New York has to offer.”

At any rate, I received this e-mail from Chenopup this evening:

From: Chenopup
Sent: Wednesday, February 27, 2008 9:12 PM
To: <Various>
Subject: Este Pizza Back in Business!!!!
I just got word today that Este Pizza has reopened and done a little stylin’ in the same location but interior has changed now. I’m going by tomorrow to take pics.

Spread the word. The gates to Pizza Heaven have reopened :)


I’m thrilled to hear it. Gentlemen, start your ovens…

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