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Primetime TV update #2

By Brian | May 20, 2005 | Share on Facebook

(SPOILER WARNING: If you haven’t seen The Apprentice or ER finales, stop reading now).

The Apprentice: Redemption is mine! Tana got crushed, and for precisely the reason I stated. Kudos to her for coralling the team after she saw how bad she looked on air & trying the contrite apology thing, but that was a dead end all the way. Also, kudos to Donald Trump for telling Kendra that crying at work is over the top (and then for hiring her anyway).

Did anyone notice, by the way, that The Donald was extremely awkward and unsure of himself as the host of a live TV show? Last year, they had Regis Philbin around to gloss over the awkward moments (like when Trump’s CFO was literally speechless on camera). Last night, Trump looked uncomfortable and the show never really built to a fever pitch.

And what’s up with Martha Stewart? Apparently, this was announced back in February. I completely missed it, and haven’t heard about it since. I’m also amazed (and quite happy) that they didn’t plug it each & every week during this season.

As for ER, this was one of those interesting shows that provides a break between the “formula” shows. The transition from Noah Wylie to the new cast was excellent, as were the callbacks to the old cast members (very subtle – not too schmaltzy). The cliffhanger was a good one too. Yet again, another season awaits. I’m feeling pretty good about my prediction…

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