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Primetime TV Wrap Up

By Brian | May 13, 2005 | Share on Facebook

On a lighter note, some thoughts on all the primetime shows that are wrapping up in May. I know, I know – this is such a colossal waste of time. Remember, the blog’s called “I Should Be Sleeping.” Here’s some of the reason why…

Survivor: Katie showed her loyalty to Ian, which means that Jen is toast next week unless she wins immunity. Of the Tom, Ian, Katie final three, both Katie and Tom will likely take Ian to the final two if the choice is theirs, since they’ll figure Ian is the weakest in the jury’s eyes. If it’s Ian’s choice, I think he takes Katie, based on that tear-fest over dinner & a car ride. Assuming it’s true that the jury is anti-Ian, that means Katie’s got a 2 in 3 shot at this, and Tom has a 1 in 3 shot. Prediction: Katie

American Idol: A pretty even final three (and unlike last year, the right three). I think next week’s a crapshoot, but if I had to predict, I’d say Vonzell goes home. The finale’s going to turn into another Rueben/Clay thing, where regardless of who wins, they both become stars. Bo’s the better performer. Carrie has a face made for television. Prediction: Bo (but it doesn’t really matter)

The Amazing Race: OK, everyone got what they wanted. Uchenna and Joyce got the money they needed for in vitro, and Rob & Amber got a 16-week promo for their televised wedding. Those two are fun to watch – they’re going to make a living for the next few years just being Rob & Amber.

The Apprentice: Tana’s very creative, but she writes people off too quickly and disrespects them to others. Nothing makes people trust you less than to hear you badmouth others behind their backs. Kendra’s strikes me as too young and emotional, but could probably grow into the job. Prediction: Kendra

Two side notes, though: First, the whole Book Smarts vs. Street Smarts thing is a crock. I can find you a set of 10 high school graduates and 10 college graduates where I’d rather work with the high schoolers, and I can find you a set where I’d rather work with the college grads. It’s about the individuals, not the categories. Second, there have got to be better folks out there to work for than Donald Trump, no?

Joey: Joey kissing Alex smelled an awful lot like shark-jumping to me. It’s so clearly an attempt to generate the same “Ross kissed Rachel” vibe they had with Friends, and it so clearly shows how good the writing was on the previous show. Don’t get me wrong, I like “Joey,” but they should have ridden this a little longer. Prediction: Look for Friends cameos early next season

ER: Farewell, Noah Wylie. This show’s been on its last legs for years. It’s three or four formula shows in a row (doctor breaks the rules out of a moral obligation & gets away with it; doctor makes a romantic relationship more complicated than it needs to be; doctor kills a patient and questions his/her reason for living – take your pick), followed by a truly interesting show. I keep watching for the interesting ones, but most weeks, I walk away shaking my head. Prediction: Another year of “This is the show’s last year” predictions

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