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Hitting the iPod nail on the head…

By Brian | October 28, 2005 | Share on Facebook

This article wonders if the incompatability of most of the common iPod accessories will put existing iPod owners off from buy a new iPod. Here’s my answer, anyway: Yes.

My iPod is well used, and I’ve purchased two accessories – the iTrip for playing music in the car with the kids, and the Nyko button relocator for listening by myself on a crowded commuter train. When the Nano came out, I figured the next thing would be a 20GB (or more) flash version, at which point I’d probably buy a second one so my wife would have one for driving around town with the kids while I’m at work.

Now, I have to deal with the following realities:

Seems the tempation to flex that monopoly muscle lives outside of Remond, WA after all…

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