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Billy Joel – All My Life lyrics

By Brian | February 22, 2007 | Share on Facebook

My trusty Google Analytics stats tell me that many folks have come to this blog looking for the lyrics to Billy Joel’s new single, All My Life, only to find my review of the song, but no lyrics.

I Googled around myself, but had difficulty finding them as well, particularly because of his 1978 hit, My Life, which is gumming up the search results. Hopefully, this will help matters:

All My Life
by Billy Joel

All My Life
I’ve searched this whole world through.
Try as I might
to find someone like you.

Years drifted by
but it was always on my mind.
I didn’t know just how long I’d go
until I ran out of time.

All My Life
I’ve hurt the ones who cared.
One by one
no loving heart was spared.

I’ve been a wild and restless man
but still a man who needs a wife.
That was my dream and now it seems
you’ve taken All My Life.

For as long as I could
my intentions were good.
I assumed my affairs
would be fine.

But I know very well
there’s a long road to hell
that’s been paved with
intentions like mine.

All My Life
I’ve paid for my mistakes.
After a while
the strongest spirit breaks.

I’ve had heartache and pain
that cut me deeper than a knife.
Ah, but those days are done
’cause you’re the one
I’ve wanted All My Life

And I know very well
there’s a long road to hell
that’s been paved with
intentions like mine.

All My Life
my stars were surely crossed.
Now and then
I missed the love I lost.

But all that changed
the day you said you’d be my wife.
Who could have known
that finding you would only take me
All My Life.

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3 Responses to “Billy Joel – All My Life lyrics”

  1. Sam says at February 22nd, 2007 at 1:24 pm :
    I found some of the Billy Joel lyrics at http://www.redlyrics.com/index.cfm/artist/Billy_Joel/aid/41555658/action/artist

    but not all :-)

  2. Brian says at February 22nd, 2007 at 1:34 pm :
    Thanks, Sam. There are lots of good sites for lyrics these days, but I’ve found that All My Life isn’t on most of them yet.

    And as I said at the top of this post, the presence of another song with a very similar name makes it harder to find any rare instances of it, since Google returns all the My Life links in the same search. I’m sure that will change as more people post the lyrics to their sites.

  3. FamilyGreenberg.Com - Billy Joel separates from Katie Lee, 0-3 on marriages says at June 18th, 2009 at 12:25 pm :
    [...] calls to my mind the words he wrote back in February of 2007 (the only words he’s written in sixteen years): All My Life, I’ve [...]


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