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ISBS Tech Guide – Introduction

By Brian | April 15, 2007 | Share on Facebook

As I mentioned earlier, I recently moved my old PC into my older son’s room, and bought myself two new computers to replace it – a desktop for the home office, and a laptop to take full advantage of the wireless network I was now able to setup in the house. It’s been more than four years since I bought a new PC, and as you might imagine, quite a bit has changed in that time. Most notable, of course, was the introduction of Microsoft’s Windows Vista operating system, which came pre-installed on both new machines.

The new machines, the new operating system, and a healthy dose of new software has made the last couple of months a constant learning experience. I’ve discovered what “just works,” what requires configuring/tweaking, and what requires a proficiency with Google, the patience to read through user help forums and, occasionally, the right tech support phone number.

Given my crash course in all things new to harware and software, I’ve decided to start a weekly feature here at I Should Be Sleeping – the ISBS Tech Guide. Each weekend, I’ll post an entry on a different technology topic that I’ve dealt with recently, and let you in on all the features, pitfalls, tricks, tips, etc. that I’ve come across in my travels.

I know from my site analytics that posts about technology attract a disproportionately high number of visitors, mainly due to the heavy search engine activity. Google has become Level 1 Tech Support for just about any technical problem, and anything I can do to contribute to the quantity of good information out there seems like a worthwile exercise. Also, I’d like to write down a lot of what I’ve learned in the last couple of months, and this blog seems like a good place to do it. So here’s your guarantee: since I’ll be referencing this guide as often as anyone else as time goes on, I have all the right incentives to make it accurate, complete, and easy to read. Also, it’s free and you get what you pay for. So there you go…

Finally, the ISBS Tech Guide gives me the opportunity to use Blogger’s new Category feature. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a big fan of Blog categories, since so many blogs have them and I’ve never really felt the need to use them. In this case, though, I’m hoping the category view provides a true “How To Guide” feel that can serve as a reference for someone who is interested in such things, but doesn’t have a specific question.

So look for the ISBS Tech Guide each Monday morning, whydontcha? We’ll pick up next weekend with our first technology topic: The Windows Vista Review.

Stay tuned…

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