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A Whole Year, One Sentence at a Time

By Brian | December 13, 2007 | Share on Facebook

A meme from Jason Bennion over at Simple Tricks and Nonsense:

Repost the first sentence of the first blog entry in each of the previous year’s 12 months.


January: “‘Tis the season for the unending streams of lists – The Top 10 Outrageous Moments of 2006, The 40 Most Offensive Celebrity Arrests of 2006 (categorized by offended ethnic/religious group), and of course the always reliable List of Dumb Holiday Gifts You Can Buy on the Internet.”

February: “I realize this story is a couple of days old at this point, but I saw the headline the other day, and didn’t bother to read the article until today.”

March: “Mmmmmmm…….Computer……..”

April: “Man, talk about solving a problem no one knew they had!”

May: “OK, so there’s a nutcase out there writing threatening letters to the TV networks because they’re only televising cheerleaders who are not dressed provocatively”

June: “I may be falling behind on my ISBS Tech Guide (I’ll start again soon, I swear!), but Google Analytics has provided me the tools to create two monthly features.”

July: “Well, I couldn’t very well have a blog and not comment on the iPhone this weekend, could I?”

August: “So check it out: CNN’s story on Danica McKellar’s book links back to my post on the subject.”

September: “Oof.”

October: “Well, as promised, it was an exciting weekend.”

November: “OK, I was prepared for this.”

December: “From the Pittsburgh Business Times: Dick’s Sporting Goods Inc. said late Monday it agreed to acquire privately held Chick’s Sporting Goods for about $40 million in cash and assumption of about $31 million debt.”

From which we learn………nothing at all.

Such are the way of memes…

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One Response to “A Whole Year, One Sentence at a Time”

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