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Olympic Uniforms

By Brian | August 19, 2008 | Share on Facebook

OK, one more post about the Olympics, then I’ll stop. I promise.

This one’s about the uniforms. We start off with the Brazilian women’s beach volleyball team. Like all women’s beach volleyball teams, they basically wear bikinis when they play. The United States team has bikini tops that read “USA.” Makes sense, no? So the other day, they’re playing the Brazilian team, and I read what their tops say. Seems much more descriptive than the Americans, I think…

We move on to the Spanish synchronized swimming team. It seems they showed up at the Olympics with skimpy swimsuits that had waterproof lights sewn into the fabric. Swimming’s world governing body (yes, that’s right – banking and health insurance are handled country by country, but swimming has a world governing body) said the sport was too conservative for swimsuits with lights and refused to let them wear the suits in competition. But here’s my favorite part: the quote from the swimmer about the suits:

It got very sophisticated because obviously the battery doesn’t last long and then we had to look at circuits and interrupters, so we have been working on it around two months with a crack team.

Ya think anyone on that particular team appreciates being called “a crack team?” Nah, me neither.

Finally, we all saw this “uniform” coming, so here it is. It suddenly occurs to me that we could have much more parity in the world of swimming if every swimmer had to swim each race while wearing the medals that he/she has already won. Michael Phelps, of course, would sink to the bottom.

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