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Things You See While…Walking in Rockefeller Center

By Brian | September 3, 2008 | Share on Facebook

Man carrying a small child in a Baby Bjorn baby carrier – baby facing forward. Baby notices a pigeon walking on the ground. Man walks toward the pigeon; pigeon slowly waddles away. Baby shrieks with delight and reaches out to touch the pigeon. Man clearly enjoys this newly discovered form of baby entertainment.

Pigeon decides it’s had enough and flies away suddenly. Baby begins to scream inconsolably. Man seeks another pigeon, but now that he’s wearing a screaming baby, every pigeon he approaches flies away instantly. The sight of pigeons constantly flying away is salt in the baby’s psychological wound. Screaming and crying intensify. Previously proud man is suddenly in a world of shit with no way out.

Lesson learned: Never commit to a strategy without a backup plan…

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  1. FamilyGreenberg.Com - Obama Feeds the Hungry Crowd says at September 3rd, 2008 at 9:48 pm :
    [...] Things You See While…Walking in Rockefeller Center [...]


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