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The Kiss of Death

By Brian | October 12, 2008 | Share on Facebook

A truly odd story about a boy who died on his fifteenth birthday in 1909, while trying to avoid the affection of a group of girls who wanted to wish him a happy birthday:

(click to view larger image)

The tombstone reads, “Lost Life by Stab in Falling on Ink Eraser, Evading Six Young Women Trying to Give Him Birhtday Kisses in Office.  Metropolitan Life Building.”

Here’s an excerpt from the 1909 New York Times Article:

Yesterday he came down and remarked that it was the anniversary of the wreck of the Maine. He explained that he knew it because the ship had been blown up on his birthday and that he was 15 yesterday.

At once the girls began to tease him. They told him that on such an occasion he deserved a kiss, and every one of them vowed that as soon as office hours were over she would kiss him once for every year he had lived. He laughingly declared that not a girl should get near him, and was teased about it all day.

As 4:30 o’clock came, and the day’s work was over, the girls made a rush for him. They tried to hem him in, and he tried to break their line. Suddenly he reeled and fell, crying as he did so.

“I’m stabbed!”

At once the joking stopped. . . . A knife ink eraser, which the New York Hospital authorities found in [his] outside coat pocket . . . had a very sharp edge, and would make exactly the kind of wound which killed him. There was a cut on the inside of the coat, and the edge of the knife was coated with blood.

What a way to go, huh?

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