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Top Ten Obama Peace Prize Jokes

By Brian | October 9, 2009 | Share on Facebook

This is just from me and my friends. I can only imagine what will happen when the Late Night Comedians get their hands on it.

(Credit where credit is due) – All others are by yours truly…

10. Obama walks Bo, wins Westminster Dog Show (Joe Catania)

9. At least Al Gore had a kick-ass PowerPoint presentation

8. Obama plays backyard stick hockey game with his kids. NHL awards him Stanley Cup

7. Couldn’t they have given this out before the IOC decided who gets the Olympics? (Zach Noyce)

6. Barack Obama winning the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize is like Stephen Strasburg winning the 2009 Rookie of the Year Award. (Tom Gordon)

5. Bono’s reaction: It’s an honor just to be nominated

4. Electoral College impressed with Obama’s potential – declares him winner of the 2012 Presidential Election

3. Norwegian Nobel Selection Committee thanks President Obama for declaring October 7, 2009 to be National Leif Erikson Day in the United States.

2. Nobel Selection Committee to Arizona State University: What were you thinking?

1. What’s the record for shortest time between winning the Nobel Peace Prize and escalating your troop levels in an eight-year old war? Whatever it is, I think Obama’s going to break it…

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One Response to “Top Ten Obama Peace Prize Jokes”

  1. Tom Gordon says at October 10th, 2009 at 6:25 pm :

    Thank you for putting me in your Top Ten list. It is an honor just to be considered, and I am not really worthy of being selected, as my work of mocking the Nobel Committee has only just begun. There are so many other Nobel Peace Prize selections that need to be mocked: “reformed” terrorists, appeasers of dictators, and those who achieved greatness that was only tangential to peace. I will consider this honor to be an inspiration to greater heights of satire. I also promise to give my prize money to a very deserving organization in the advancement of satire – the Penn Band.



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