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New York City Sights – Freedom Tower Update

By Brian | July 16, 2010 | Share on Facebook

I had some business to conduct in downtown Manhattan today, so I get to update my readers on the latest progress of The Freedom Tower, the 1,776 foot skyscraper being built on the site of the World Trade Center. Here is where things stand as of today:

It’s always hard to tell from the outside, especially in a building who’s lobby has a high ceiling like this one does, but I’m guessing the building is around twenty stories tall at this point (or roughly 200 of it’s eventual 1,776 feet). So they’ve got a long way to go. But I think we can stop calling the Trade Center site “the pit” now. Also, the glass and steel building just behind and slightly to the left of the Freedom Tower is the rebuilt Seven World Trade Center. It’s been built and open for business for quite some time now, but I’d venture to guess that most people don’t know that, and I’m pretty sure I’ve never posted a photo of it on this blog.

They’re also making progress on the national memorial (two reflecting pools which outline the footprint of the original two towers), although that’s not as visible to the naked eye right now, so I didn’t attempt to photograph it.

That’s the update. I’ll try to follow the progress when I get the chance to be downtown…

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2 Responses to “New York City Sights – Freedom Tower Update”

  1. jason says at July 19th, 2010 at 1:57 pm :
    Thanks for these occasional updates, Brian… we don’t hear much about what’s happening at the WTC site out here in the hinterlands, and I, for one, am definitely interested.

  2. FamilyGreenberg.Com - Who Do I Write Like? says at July 19th, 2010 at 3:22 pm :
    [...] jason on New York City Sights – Freedom Tower Update [...]


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