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Familygreenberg.com Health Check – August & September Edition

By Brian | October 5, 2008 | Share on Facebook

I’ve gotten away from my monthly features here on I Should Be Sleeping – the Health Check and the How People Found Me posts. This disturbs me (even as I know that it disturbs little, if anyone, else), and so I offer this as an attempt to get “back in the game” as it were…

I’m going to skip “How People Found Me” once again, because I’ve found that Google changes so frequently, that once you get past the first or second of the month, the cute/interesting queries that brought people to my site no longer register highly on Google, which makes it tough to track them. But the health check, that I can do retroactively. Here’s what the last couple of months have brought:

MetricJulyAugustSeptemberJul-Sep Chg
Visits2,1963,079 (+40.21%)1,422 (-53.82%)-35.25%
Pageviews3,7245,262 (+41.30%)1,999 (-62.01%)-46.32%
Pages/Visit1.701.71 (+0.78%)1.41 (-17.74%)-17.06%
Avg Time on Site1:170:59 (-23.95%)0:57 (-3.18%)-25.97%
Bounce Rate74.86%49.89% (-33.36%)82.07% (+64.51%)-8.79%
% New Visitors87.11%92.11% (+5.73%)84.81% (-7.92%)-2.64%

August was a fantastic month, almost exclusively because of one of those link aggregators called StumbleUpon. Someone “stumbled upon” my 20 Most Overrated Movies post, and it generated a whopping 1,622 links, over a span of just three days. On this site, that’s enough to send the stats into the stratosphere.

Correspondingly, September was a lousy month. Not only was it a big let down from August (to be expected, given the unsustainability of a “Stumble Upon”), but it was also down 30-40% from July in most categories. This, despite 21 posts (relatively high for me, I think) and a variety of topical posts (politics, sports, etc.). I’m not sure what to make of this. Either I’ve become boring, or my loyal readers have become busy, or Google has been so inundated with posts on these topics that I’m not rising to the top of as many queries as I used to.

In any case, I’m motivated to do better. I know, you’re all a flutter in excitement. Try to contain yourselves… ;-)

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One Response to “Familygreenberg.com Health Check – August & September Edition”

  1. Ilya says at October 6th, 2008 at 5:07 am :
    Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! [jumping up and down]

    Seriously, though, September was a down month for me as well – there could be something seasonal among the culprits.


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