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Random Acts of Blogging – 1/9/09

By Brian | January 10, 2009 | Share on Facebook

Happy New Year to all! We start off 2009 here at I Should Be Sleeping with a random smattering of things I’ve seen since New Year’s that I thought you’d find fascinating:

First, there’s Burger King. Last month, we discussed their new meat-scented cologne. Now, they’ve gone hi-tech. The Whopper Sacrifice is a Facebook app which will give you a coupon for a free Whopper if you de-friend ten people on Facebook. And not just anonymously dump them. Oh, no. Burger King’s app will send them a “Dear John” e-mail, telling them that you dumped them for a free burger. I guess this is for those folks who didn’t take the hint when you started wearing meat-scented cologne…

Moving quickly onward, ABC News informs us that Congress declared Barack Obama the next President of the United States today. That Congress is sure on top of things, huh? Just kidding, of course. This is a centuries old tradition, whereby a joint session of Congress officially counts and certifies the votes from the electoral college. Those of a certain political bent will enjoy the linked article, as it describes in detail the way Dick Cheney had to sit next to Nancy Pelosi and, in what could easily be his last act as President of the Senate, declare Barack Obama the next President and Joe Biden his replacement as Vice President. There’s also the fun moment of concern where, as luck would have it, the first four states in alphabetical order (Alabama, Alaska, Arizona and Arkansas) all voted for McCain/Palin, causing the a cheer of relief to go up when the next state, California, gave it’s 55 electoral votes to Obama/Biden. Finally, in the “some people never learn” category, the article mentions that the latest of eight (yes, eight) appeals to the Supreme Court to prevent the certification of the vote was quickly dismissed. This one claimed that Obama was ineligible to be President, because his Hawaiian birth certificate is fake and he’s not a naturally born citizen. Sigh…

Also on a political note, Sarah Palin has done an interview for a conservative-leaning documentary on the 2008 election. In it, she gets on Katie Couric, Tina Fey, and the MSM in general for how they treated her. I’ll note three things here: 1) she comes across better in this interview than in anything she ever did on the campaign trail, 2) the editing seems to intentionally cut off her now famous speaking affectations (winks, giggles, you-betcha’s, etc.), and 3) she’s still talking about the media as if it were something that she had no control over and took her by complete surprise. That’s something she’s going to have to change if she wants any future in national politics.

On to financial matters, we have these quotes from our last four presidents, each as they began their presidencies. Tell me if you notice a pattern:

“[The United States is] confronted with an economic affliction of great proportions” – Ronald Reagan, 1981 inaugural address

“We have a deficit to bring down. We have more will than wallet.” – George H.W. Bush, 1989 inaugural address

“[The United States is] weakened by business failures, stagnant wages, increasing inequality and deep divisions among our people.” – Bill Clinton, 1993 inaugural address

“For every day we wait or point fingers or drag our feet, more Americans will lose their jobs. More families will lose their savings. More dreams will be deferred and denied. And our nation will sink deeper into a crisis that, at some point, we may not be able to reverse” – Barack Obama, 1/8/09 at George Mason University

Not that I’m downplaying the current economic crisis, but it does seem as though presidents try to play down the economy when they enter office, so they can claim a greater victory when they leave, no?

And finally, we have more pictures and video of our recent house construction. Our builder, David Ginfrida, has a Video page on his site. About two thirds of the way down (at the time of this writing) are two videos entitled “Full House Makeover in Scotch Plains, NJ (Front)” and “Full House Makeover in Scotch Plains, NJ (Back)” (the page doesn’t allow me to link to the specific videos – search on your own when you get there). Also, there are several videos taken inside the house as well (one per floor). That page is located here. Obviously, these are very similar to the pictures and videos I’ve posted, but Ginfrida’s guys have a better camera and the ability to ask the workers to clean-up and step out of the way before snapping the pictures, so theirs are a little cleaner.

Anyway, that wraps up my first post of 2009. Here’s to another great year…

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