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Ballplayer a ‘hit’ with his mother…

By Brian | March 31, 2010 | Share on Facebook

In the preseason game between the Yankees and the Twins today, Twins’ leadoff hitter Denard Span hit a foul ball in the first inning, which made it into the stands just past the third-base dugout, and hit his mother in the shoulder. Paramedics treated her at the scene, and she returned to her seat (a different seat this time) by the next inning. From today’s New York Post:

Wanda Wilson was wearing a Span jersey and sitting with about 20 family members and friends near the third-base dugout. Span took a defensive swing in the first inning and sent a liner into the low box seats, hitting her near the shoulder.

A stunned Span sprinted into the stands and stayed with his mother while she got treatment. The split-squad game was delayed for a few minutes as she walked to first aid, and the Twins said she was sore but OK.

And if you think that’s strange, check out the Peanuts cartoon that appeared in today’s papers:

How’s that for a coincidence?!?

(Hat tip: Lee Salz and Mike Starr for putting these two items together) 

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